Receiving Dealer

Won an auction on Gunbroker or another auction site?  Ordered a gun online?

We will be your receiving dealer for a $25.00 fee per serial numbered item and the $10.00 Tennessee Instant Check fee (what TN charges dealers).  If we do 5 or more transfers on 1 form 4473, the 5th one is free.

How it works:

Ask them if they have our FFL on file.  If they don’t, call, and we will email or fax our FFL to the dealer from which you purchased your item(s).  Make sure they include your name and contact information on their paperwork when they ship your purchase.

We will contact you when we receive your item.

You come in, fill out form 4473, we run the TN Instant Check, you pay us in cash or local bank check (no plastic) and you leave with your purchase after your background check is approved.

Mark Scott

Scott Bookkeeping  423-622-4361

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